понедельник, 3 мая 2010 г.

today's pick up

accidentally (well, actually not so accidentally) i've discovered 2 new places to buy nail polishes. woot.
besides, not so far from work so i could check them up pretty often.
well, on to the pics -

l-r: Jade, Indigo, Gabrielle
my first zoya polishes o_o.
i've never seen them before in stores or salons so i just thought they didnt sell zoya in russia. they do, actually, but it seems that i found out the only place where you can get them from. for 17 bucks. ouch. anyway, i picked up this three.

VOV manicure, l-r: 1110, 1503, 1532, 1723

they dont even name their polishes. meh. anyway, i'm going to try this ones soon. VOV, heh, brings the memories, i remember i did own VOV green eye shade, which turned out to be yellow. <.< *cough* well, they make pretty decent lip glosses if i'm not mistaken. since i moved, though, i can find them nowhere >.<
as for the nail polishes, they'll be good for layering i hope.

   Planet Nails, l-r: 645, 228

i dont know wtf are this ones, i just picked them up because i wanted to give them a try.
again, no names, just numbers. yuck. the bottle says "developed in Germany" but "made in Russia" XD
as a result, i guess, we have our average drugstore polish.

last, but not least, China Glaze Snow Globe:
Still dont know if i should pick up CG Frost Bite or not ._. 

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