среда, 15 сентября 2010 г.

Irisk 057

So I tried this one and I still dont know if I like it or not. It dries super fast so you have to work fast, but I'm not sure about this particular shade. Isn't it, well, too dull? ._.

And with some bling-blings:
Sort of too "fally" for me now. bleh.
Oh, and this polish has a wide brush. meh.

вторник, 14 сентября 2010 г.

!new polishes

Long time no post, heh.
I've been busy with work and had to deal with some small and big financial and mental problems *sigh*
(but I'm back for now)
 Eventually, my collection grew bigger and its getting harder to find a place for new polishes.

So, my last haul from the local beaty expo:

Impala polishes. Never tryed them before, but I heard they're good, so why not.

Irisk polishes. Mmm, some cool duchromes.

I dont know why i bought this ones. Honestly. I dont know.

Orly Goth, Tiara, Bailamos and It's Up to Blue

Nubar Amethyst, Earth and Peacock Feathers.

My first Nubar polishes! I was so excited to try them and they definitely were not a dissapointment :)

Also, i got some nail art stuff, a dotting tool, thinner and Orly top2bottom. I guess thats it. Cant wait to swatch them all :)