понедельник, 31 мая 2010 г.

8ty8beauty haul

Woot, got my package from 8ty8beauty today. Really, it took only 9 days for it to get here, hehe. (not a month or two, as usual -_-)
Well, on to the pics:
they did really good job on packaging! all the bottles were safe in that small boxes and wraps :3

color club bottles. and i forgot to take a pic of Groove Thang.

China Glaze pastels.

China Glaze Shimmers. and well, Ruby Pumps and Lubu Heels.

Some of CG neons, a few from Bahama Blues collection and Ghoulish Glow topcoat.

CG glitters that i wanted so badly >.<

Some Orly cuties *_*

Now i need extra boxes to keep them all *sigh*

3 комментария:

  1. Wow, that's a lot of polish!
    How much did they charge for shipping, if I can ask? :)

  2. You sure can :3
    I paid $88 for 50 bottles ($1.76 per bottle) and the shipping method was USPS express with tracking.

  3. Fun! That was a lot to ship it to you. But you still saved a lot of money vs. buying them at local prices.