воскресенье, 2 мая 2010 г.

ok, lets get this thing to work.

for a starter, 10 random facts about me. just because i like randomness.

1. i really do hate mangoes.

2. i'm half russian half belarusian.

3. i play video games and oh, well, a lot of mmorpgs.

4. i speak mandarin.

5. i would rather have one more external HDD for my b-day than a diamond ring. (>1Tb, please)

6. my favorite color is black.

7. i have a lepidopterophobia. sorta sick, i know.

8. *sigh* im a nerd. glasses? hell yeah!

9. i'm (loli)pantsu-addicted.

10. i'll never get enough of nail polishes. tee hee.

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