четверг, 10 июня 2010 г.

latest drugstore purchases :3

 Maybelline Colorama (russian edition, hehe) l-r: 90 Ananas, 91 Papaya, 95 Kiwi, 254 Latte

Colorama Ananas.  Plain pastel yellow creme, nothing exciting. It looks kind of creepy on my pale skin. Meh.
This was two coats, but it needs three actually.

Colorama Papaya. Sheer creme with glossy finish. Two coats and you can still see my nail through. The color is cute and summery, though.

Colorama Kiwi. Light mint creme, looks more bright in real life. Again, that was two coats.

Colorama Latte. Why, hello there mannequine hands.Very sheer and needs three coats, but honestly I like it like that - with two, thought it looks streaky.

The formula on these ones was a disaster. Well, not unmanageable, but you have to pay extra attention when applying it. All of them are sheer, even on the watery side, and three-coaters, but I was too lazy to do three coats :3
I didn't like the brush at all, it's not wide, or something, but it tends to make application even worse, as its pretty thick and stiff.
There were some small particles in nail polish itself, wich appeared of nowhere and got stuck into my first coat  >.< Well, you can see them on the pictures above >.<'

Some more drugstore polishes:
l-r: Severina 37, 624, 310, Platinum Collection 141, 132 and 10 Brilliants 066 Loving Naiad.

Severina 624 over Colorama Kiwi. Ahh, pretty. It has a lot of small pink glitter in a clear base and reminds me of something but I dont' remember of what >.<

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